Autoloading Favorites when Launching

We are using
I have a user that is experiencing a problem when he logs in to the client. As soon as he logs in all of the applications in his favorites bar open immediately. He has a fair number and sometimes this can even crash Epicor.
However, even when it does not crash it still takes a significant amount of time to do this.
I found that this was a feature in v9 but I cannot even find a way to turn it on in v10

Multiple screens automatically launch after logging into the ERP smart client


Thanks, I am sure this will fix the problem, but is there a way I can disable this as an administrator? It is actually crashing every time I go in because of everything that is loading.

There is no built-in way within the application to make these changes on behalf of another user.

As I was poked by providing a direct SQL update query in another post <cough>, all I can say is that if the issue is with autoloading favorites: look at the ice.favfolder table, specifically the userid, autoloadcontents, and autoloadsessionchange columns understanding those columns (other than userid) are true=1 or false=0, one could deduce how to change this directly.

you may be able to fix this by launching the users session in classic mode and then right click on the favourites group and unselect autolaunch

Another option would be to add /autoloadsuppress on this user’s shortcut on the target line so they can log in to make the change themselves


If it has to do with what are called Menu tabs, the table in question is ice.menutab. There is a UserID column there as well. Technically all menutab records for a user are autoloaded (depending on the version).

Thank you everyone. We were able to use the AUTOLOADSUPPRESS command switch to get in. Thanks again