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I am setting up a Buyer. What are Authorized Users and how do they affect the Buyer?

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From the help files:

Use Buyer Maintenance to create records for buyers responsible for your company’s purchasing activities. A buyer must first be defined as a system user and then added as an authorized user for the Buyer ID. Buyers are specified in the purchase orders you create. The Buyer ID is used as a search or filter field for PO Suggestions and Part Class purchasing.

Buyer Maintenance is a key setup program, as you use it to specify approved purchase amount limits for each buyer. If you use consolidated purchasing, you will also need to create identical buyer records within all of the companies that use the consolidated PO process.

My understanding is that the BuyerID is like the category of who buys stuff. Maybe there is a ‘maintenance’ buyerID, and the authorized users are the employees you decide can make purchases as that buyerID. Limits and such apply at the buyer ID level.


Authorized Users are the User Account IDs that can either create or mess with POs created by that particular Buyer ID. If I were a buyer in your system and my BuyerID was ERNIE, my user account would have to be an Authorized User for that Buyer ID. Also, anyone who was able to approve my POs would also need to be an Authorized Buyer.

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We have a buyer ID that is specific to a person like mine would be JGIESE. My authorized users are myself as default, my boss, the CFO, my back-up, and System Manager. That’s more or less how we set ours up for everyone. We did try role based for a short time and hated that setup, we ran into logistical issues after a time.

  1. The Buyer’s User ID (as default)
  2. System Manager
  3. The Buyer’s backup
  4. The Buyer’s boss
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