Capture COS/WIP Activity Apply dates

We had closed November (FP 11) and had to reopen it to do some Journal Entries. While it was re-opened, someone entered a PO Receipt with a November date.

When the Capture COS/WIP was run (Nov was still in the “re-opened” state), the apply dates for the GL trans for that back dated PO Receipt were dated 12/1.
Why didn’t they get applied to November?

Here’s some background info …
Because the WIP Recon and Stock Status Reports aren’t reliable for verifying the GL, I have to query E10 to get the details of the “Periodic Posting Process” GL entries.

These can be found in the TranGLC table, limiting TranGLC.RelatedFile = “PartTran”

  • Key1 is the date the Capture process was run
  • Key3 is the TranNum from the PartTran table.
  • TranDate is the date the GL Trans entries will use
  • JournalCode & Journal Num are the specific “Periodic Posting Process”(PPP) entry. Knowing these, you can use WIP Recon report to see the details for a specific PPP GL entry.

The TranGLC.TranDate, matches the date shown for a matching Periodic Posting Process entry (based on JrnlCode and Journal num).

When a part transaction has an TranDate of a closed financial period, the Capture COS/WIP will make the GL entries for the current Fiscal period.