Custom Posting Rule - Change Debit AR Account based on partnum on misc invoice

Hi guys,

Our finance department creates misc invoices for lease terms. The note amount gets moved to a separate AR account, but unfortunately, Epicor still debits the AR payment on the invoice back to the standard AR account.

Is it possible to create a custom posting rule to change the debit AR account based on the part number? Or should we handle this a different way? We’re currently doing journal entries monthly to ‘fix’ this.The part number on the invoice will always be ‘CL’ for Capital Lease and ‘OL’ for Operating Lease.

I’m not a finance guy (but I’m learning!) - Is this something we can do ourselves, or does Epicor need to get involved?

Thanks for the help!

I’d first explore seeing if a GLC would work.


Take a look at

Epicor ERP Accounts Receivable
Transaction Hierarchy

I assume it must be a Misc Invoice, unless you generate fake packers to “ship” something to bill against D’OH! it was your first line..

If the customer only leases, you could setup a GLC on the customer record.

Calvin - Unfortunately, the customers buy on both ‘normal’ AR terms as well as leases, so it couldn’t be set on the customer. Can something be set up on the invoice? I could memorize it as recurring, and apply that monthly if needed. We’re currently batch-DMT’ing the AR invoices for leases and promissory notes anyways, so if it’s a setting I could set there, it would make our finance team just a little happier with Epicor :slight_smile:

From Finance: A Journal Entry takes it out of AR and pushes it to the Note AR Account. Then when we invoice Operating Lease or Capital Lease part number, it debits the normal AR Account, not the Note AR account.

I checked the AR edu document’s appending on Hierarchies, and the ‘Post Miscellaneous Invoice’ section for Credit does show Product Group on the sales account, but not on the credit side. The credit side seems to only go with Customer, then Company Config. I’m not sure if that would work, since the issue we have is crediting the wrong receivables account.

We use Product groups in this exact way. I just thought you were looking to change the debited account (as this thread’s title is :" … Change Debit AR Account …")


If it is actually the Credit side that you want to change, here’s the steps:

  1. Create a GL Control Code (in Fin Mngmnt -> General Ledger -> Setup) of type “Product Group”
  2. Set the Sales Account
  3. Create a Prod Group for these “Leases”
  4. Add the GLC from step 1 to this product group.
  5. If a part master entry exists for the “Lease” items, set the Product Group

Now anytime the “Lease” part is referenced on an Order, the Prd Will automatically be set.

And you can manually select the Prod group on an Order or Invoice line, to override the parts default PG, or if it is an On-the-fly part.

FWIW - I tend to name the GLC Code with a prefix for the type (PG for Prod Group), and the PG code it will be applied to.

My PG of LCNS, uses a GLC Code PG-LCNS

Calvin - Thanks. I’ll try that out. Maybe I was speaking backwards about credits vs debits. It’s been quite a while since my accounting class in undergrad!