Docstar Concurrent Users

Hi guys,

We’re thinking of buying Docstar Lite, aka Enhanced Print Routing With Document Archiving
and Supplemental Attachments, and would need to figure out how many concurrent users are needed.

How does the system apply the users?

We’d be using it for attaching part instructions and drawings with the shipping documents, so if a license is used for one second, then released when the APR workflow is finished a second later, the minimum of 5 seems like it would cover it. But if the license is tied up per user, or for a longer time, then each shipping station would need it…


@askulte We’ve got the 5 user license and we’ve got:

  • an AP person in Docstar UI on and off every day
  • an HR person in Docstar for a few hours every week moving filling cabinets of stuff into DS
  • a Receiving person in for an hour a day processing his work queue.
  • 3 multi-function copiers submitting Receiving paperwork, Job Travelers and AP invoices to workflows all the time

We’ll have some APR workflows shortly, plus a lot more attachments from Epicor but I don’t think we will have to add any users. Maybe another barcode seat or up my document count maybe.

So far, never had a license problem. The APR/Attachments piece from ERP all works under a single user via the API creds - and if a human is not in the DS UI proper, then no license is consumed by them since all ERP transactions are via the API. And since the API stuff only takes a second or two we’ve never had multiple licenses consumed that I know of.

We only plan to have 4 or 5 people in the DS UI proper in the end, so maybe we’ll need to add one or two - depends on a number of factors.

I would say get the minimum 5-user license and add on when(IF) it becomes an issue.