E9.04.507A DMT Inventory Transfer - "There are no warehouses left to be assigned"

I am trying to transfer about 500 parts from an existing warehouse to a newly created warehouse.

I ran a DMT to create the Part Plant Warehouse records for each of the parts in the list without error.

Now when I am trying to perform the actual transfer I am getting an error “There are no warehouses left to be assigned.”

I have a ticket open with Epicor but they have not yet provided a solution.

According to them, the error indicates one of the following
-The part doesn’t have a valid Warehouse for the same site.
-The part is not registered where you are doing the transfer.

Both of which are not the case.
I can perform the transaction in the system without error.

I am using a .csv template with the following headers in this order.

Any thought would be helpful.


This may be a long shot, but arrange your required data columns in the same order as the way the DMT suggests. The DMT lists the columns like this: Company, Plant, PartNum, TransferQty, FromWarehouseCode, FromBinNum, ToWarehouseCode, ToBinNum.

I have seen data not get processed if it is not in the order DMT suggests.


Thanks for the input. Interestingly enough my DMT suggests the columns in the order I listed above.
I will try the order you have provided, can’t hurt.


No joy. I get the same result.

For the heck of it I tried to do a transfer from one bin location to another within the same warehouse and get the same error “There are no warehouses left to be assigned.”

Epicor support is sending this on to the Development team.

So what I will do instead is to run a DMT to adjust out the quantities from warehouse and then adjust then into the new warehouse.


When trying to move quantity, which specific DMT Import template are you using? Sounds almost like you’re trying to do it against the PartPlant Import, not the Inventory Transfer one.

I have been using the Inventory Transfer Import.

@CG2 I know this is an old post but I ran across it when looking for an answer to the same question. I think it’s actually (in my case) simply concerning the time it takes to update the database. I am moving about 200 parts and this has happened before:

  • create bin locations by DMT
  • set primary bins by DMT
  • use SQL to generate the DMT to move parts from current bin to newly created and named primary bin
  • transfer fails with “No warehouse left to assign” on all items
  • wait 2 or 3 minutes and try again, in defiance of Einstein’s definition of insanity
  • transfer happily works with no errors

I came back here to write it down partly in case it helps but mostly because I’ll hopefully remember it better next time for having written it :roll_eyes:

aaaaaaand… a year later, I’m going to confirm my diagnosis. Just tried to move a bunch of parts and about 30% of them failed with “No warehouse left to assign”.

I searched the forum, found this thread, and looked at 2019 me staring at me with the answer… felt dumb, obviously that’s not it…

But yup. I ran the ErrorsReprocess CSV and the leftover 30% happily uploaded with no error. Oh Epicor.


Well here I am, I guess I mark just waiting and trying it again as a solution. I tried 3 times in row no luck, very next try it took. What a weird solution

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Just be sure to use the automatically generated “errors reprocess” file so you don’t accidentally duplicate the ones that worked.

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