Filters in SSRS report that has a BAQ data source

Has anybody gotten filters to work on their SSRS - BAQ report (i.e. KB0114676)

It lets me add the filter, and it lets me select filter values when generating the report, but the report result is not filtered. I opened a case with Epicor support a week ago and so far they don’t seem to understand what I’m asking. I don’t know if I’ve just done something stupid? Or it really doesn’t work? This is the first time I’m building a BAQ report as an SSRS report instead of using the BAQ report designer so maybe there is something I don’t understand.

Yes, I have done this some time back. I had a Case on it as well, but it was regarding use of the CallContextBPMData fields - and how they are not available in the Classic report nor Kinetic report versions: PRB0226260. Typical support fashion the semantics of the actual issue and what made it to the PRB are about light years apart, but anyways.

But yes, the KB0114676 does work as described. I’ll try to chase back up my example and any notes.

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So, in my example, as compared to the steps in the KB, I did not try to use the ‘Criteria Filters’. In my example, I have Prompts and Mappings over to the BAQ, but that is it.

So are you saying you have tried downloading the attachments off the KB and the ‘Filter’ as they describe just is not working?

No I just built my own from scratch - I didn’t try to download the attachments from the KB to compare - that doesn’t look like a complete solution to me? But yeah its just not working. I feel like I probably just missed a step and spent too much time looking at it to see the problem.



Clearly the report knows there is a filter - otherwise it wouldn’t let me choose the filter when running the report. Just can’t figure out why its ignored in the result set. I thought maybe there is something wrong with my BAQ. But if I put a parameter on my BAQ and map it that way, it does get limited to only the part parameter. I’m not seeing in the instructions where any additional steps are needed to get the filter to work, but maybe I’m missing something.

Take a look at your mappings. From the example provided,

Notice that the ‘Filter’ is ‘Mapped’ to the BAQ parameter.

Yes that is what is missing! I somehow missed that the filter required its own list-type parameter inside the BAQ. Thank you so much!!!

You are very welcome.

I like this much better than the BAQ report designer, except for one huge flaw - there is no way to run the report without putting it on the menu. If they would just add a preview action like BAQ report designer has, I would have no complaints.