Fulfillment Workbench - Allocate VS Reserve

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Reserving though fulfillment workbench creates a PartAlloc record but doesn’t define which particular bin the stock is reserved against, this is classed as soft allocation.


Allocation creates a PartAlloc record that is specific to the bin, lot, serial number (if applicable) and is classed as hard allocation.


There are more restrictions around hard allocation.


So as an example if you reserve against an order some stock then release for picking. There Material queue will have a warehouse and bin pre defined, but you can change it.

If it is hard allocated you get an error (unless the user is allowed to override allocations).

So it really depends on how you pick stock or promise it. For some customers, you need to say match batch numbers and hence would want to hard allocate.


The Part tracker allows you to review part allocations, Create an order with two lines, reserve one and allocate the other and review the difference.


Site configuration allows you to define auto reservation on job release, you cannot auto allocate as of release 10.0.700.4 it is a manual process.


Hope that helps, the help is a little ambiguous on this topic.



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I have been playing with Fulfillment Workbench in E10 and was wondering if somebody could explain the difference between allocating material and reserving it. Both options are found in the Actions menu. They sound like the same action but there has to be a difference for there to be both options.