Grids in Kinetic - System-wide Issues?

Lol, agreed.

Maybe it’s a midwest idiom?


Interesting! I kind of wondered what the etymology of that phrase was, but was never really motivated enough to look it up, lol. That makes more sense than imagining how a bee typically flies.

100% agree. It’s the one issue where I don’t think I can allow us to go live until it’s resolved.

We had the same issue. This one was fixed for us in 2022.1.

Hot dog. Getting there!

Correct… the Grids and Landing pages are two of the areas of focus for 2023.1. In fact i was just on a call earlier this morning to witness several items that were still in process to get fixed. Because it is an overall framework issue, once we fix it, all screens that use grids will get the fix.


there is improvement in the grid with 2022.2… but not the full improvement that we want and desire. Look for more to come with 2023.1

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Looking forward to it.

Thanks for the update @timshuwy , that’s great to hear.

How soon before the release is there likely to be confirmation that the grid fixes have definitely been included in 2023.1? Or will we need to wait for the Release notes?

the target date for for 23.1 is dependant on whether you are in the cloud or on-prem. On Prem, it is GA the week of insights (5/18 I believe), and for cloud, the target go-live is 6/11. The release note are not generated yet, since we have not done the code cut yet. we still have lots of steps to finish before the release. Next step after code cut is our regression testing process, followed by controlled release where select customers will receive a copy to have a first look.


I just installed 2022.2.9 (on-premises) in our test environment and am seeing an improvement over 2022.2.8 when it comes to records loading during scrolling. I don’t see anything in the release notes about it, but the change is noticeable. I’ll install it in Production in the next few days to see if the improvement remains - but our two environments are very similar so I expect it will. Curious if anyone else is seeing a difference?


Seems decent to me as well so far.

Yes we have also done the .2.9 patch and there seems to be a significant improvement with the grids.

I think so far the only observation would be on some UIs depending on were the panel containing the grid is positioned the panels container for the grid seems to collapse itself.

Possibly, if I recall correctly: Sales order UI → detail page (formerly header) → lines panel grid would be an example.

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