Has anyone successfully used Paste Update or Paste Insert in the new Kinetic UI?

I’m just wondering if any of you have successfully used either Paste Update or Insert in the Kinetic UI? Has anyone? I know the GL-Account segment fields were an issue preventing it when I tested a while ago, but what about any updates or inserts on a grid that doesn’t include a GLAcct field?

What are other options if the Paste Update/Insert functionality won’t work in Kinetic? How else can this be accomplished? I’ve read that DMT may not be the solution here, though I have not looked into that yet.

Thanks for any replies.

DMT would be a solution that isn’t interactive. Say you had 100 order lines in an excel file ( whose columns line up perfectly with the grid layout on the Detail → List sheet).

You could copy them and use Paste Insert directly into the grid in the UI.

If you use DMT, you’d have to first make the order in the UI and save it. Next update the Excel data to include the order number so these added lines will be added to the right Order. Then use DMT to update the Order Details. No go back into the UI (refresh as necessary) and finish your order processing.

It is possible to have an Excel file for use with DMT that will create the whole order (OrderHed, OrderDtl, and OrderRel). But that’s complicated and can be frustrating until you get the hang of what columns you need, which should be zero (so that Epicor auto numbers them), etc…

That was my original question: will this work? Has anyone successfully used Paste Insert or Update in the Kinetic UI? I can’t seem to get a straight answer.

Now idea about Kinetic interface. I only included that to give others the typical ways you can “import” data into E10.

I guess “importing” data into Kinetic will have different answers.

As to your original question, I’d say to try it out. First off, do “Paste Insert” or “Paste Update” choices exist on the popup menu?

I’d test by just trying to paste clipboard data for two cells into an existing row on a grid. That would let you know if the TAB character between the data is recognized and translates to moving to the next cell. Then try multiple rows of clipboard data to see if the Paste function is aware of rows in the source data.

FWIW - There should be no excuse from Epicor for why this functionality can’t work. Google Sheets lets you paste a range of data into their “grid” that is acting as the spreadsheet.

Yes, I desperately want to test it, but what’s an example of a grid I can use to test that does not include the GL account field? (I’ve only ever used PU/I in grids for Journal Entries, and I already know that won’t work.)
Any suitable grids off the top of your head?

Never mind, I’m using Quote Entry.

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If possible, I’d run the UI in classic or modern shell first to make sure the Paste Update works with your clipboard data. Then jump back to kinetic (make sure column order is the same)

It worked fine in Third’s classic interface. Trying Kinetic next.

Yes! Finally tested.
I was able to use Paste New in the Kinetic UI to enter a second line to my quote.
I completed some testing in Third and while it was possible to use Paste New, the Quantities did not come over correctly for all lines, and it duplicated lines on a few, throwing errors for each line. Got trickier once lines existed and I Pasted New to add more. I used PSR to record my steps and am going to open a case with Epicor to ask about the errors.

Overall, it did add the lines but was missing the quantities in some lines and some of the lines were duplicated.

If anyone cares, here’s what it looked like in the PSR.
[PSR Steps]

Will update after if only for my own records.

The Paste function SHOULD work… But one caveat. Some people look at the “Landing page” of some programs and assume that this is a GRID/List View… it is NOT. It is a landing page, and the landing pages do not support the paste function.
I did some early testing of the paste function and found it to work well most of the time. But there are some more complicated screens such as Sales Order Entry or Quote entry that had some issues back 6 months ago. I reported those, and I believe that the fixes are in place. If you find any new issues please report them ASAP to Tech Support.