IDC - Batching from a Network Folder?

My company currently creates batches in Epicor IDC mostly via E-mail Intercept (using the IDC E-mail Client app on our server to access specific e-mail accounts and batch any PDF attachments). Occasionally, we create a batch manually in IDC & upload PDFs.

Does anyone have any experience with creating batches in Epicor IDC from a network folder? In other words, having IDC batch PDFs placed in a network folder. I didn’t think that was possible in IDC, but my professional service partner (a.k.a. my DocStar consulting partner) tells me that it is possible.

Assuming it’s possible, I would appreciate hearing if anyone uses to create IDC batches, how reliable has it been, and any issues to look at for.

@JerseyEric We do this for some AP files (mostly done via email now). There is a separate file importer utility like the Email importer and it works just fine.

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Thanks for verifying!