Insights 2023 - After Action Report

That was Eli Whalen, one of the guys on our team.

Basically, it finds all the server side files referenced by the current page and pulls em down and drops em in a directory on your PC. From there, you can crack em open and start poking.

Usage is super simple, but drop a note here if you get any surprises and we’ll try to help.

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Enjoy him before Microsoft steals him. That guy is going places.

It was really nice to meet all of you.


The Action Report from me is, I didnt attend but I have increased my Patreon Contribution because of Kevin dammit Kevin!


That sounds like something we need, @timshuwy can you point me to some resources for this please.

We went with a large group (4 IT, 2 operations, 1 finance)

I’m spending a lot of time to get us into CPQ, so it was a good show for me. Lots of CPQ stuff. Here is my big hint for Insights. Talk to the support guys. They have their hands in Kinetic all day. They often know the details better than the senior guys. (Sorry Tim, I know you are on this thread) Corey and Sal gave me solutions to problems many others could not.

The finance person we brought did not have such a good time. Not many sessions and even some of those conflict. They were not run by finance people. Those sessions were approached from a system point of view rather than a finance point of view. She is a Kinetic savvy finance person and most things were too basic for her.

I think Grow will be great in 2-3 years. It is at the same point that CPQ/KBMax was 2 years ago. We are just starting CPQ now. I’ll look seriously at Grow in 2025.