:Is is possible/OK to extend EcoMtl.QtyPer

Is it possible and OK to extend the length of EcoMtl.QtyPer found in Engineering Workbench? We only have 5 digits available to the left of the decimal (e10 version 10.0.700.4) and we need at least 1 more so we can enter a qty of 100,000. I see that in the database the EcoMtl table it is showing the EcoMtl.QtyPer as decimal(18,8). In the Engineering Workbench I see Field Help is showing the field with Format >>>>9.99999999 Can I extend this without messing anything up?

Since this is a decimal value, there should not be a problem with storing the data in the field… it is probably just a User Interface challenge that allows entry.
I would also suggest that you COULD change the UOM on the BOM to be “K” (as in 1000) and have a UOM conversion for EA to K be 1000… then you would simply put 100 K instead of 100,000 each (Assuming it is currently each)… if this is something like grams or inches, the same could be done for those.
We once had a customer who had the opposite problem. They had an item that they made that used a very small fraction of material per “each” that they made. BUT, they also always made 10000 each per job… so to get around limitations (including costing rounding problems) we changed their manufacturing UOM to be bigger, so that their Qty per was more reasonable… example, instead of making the item by the INCH they made it by the MILE and specified how much material it took to make a mile.

You can try to set the Extended Properties: