Is there way to have parts automatically move to the resource group bin?

When we receive parts they go to one bin but I was wondering if they could automove to the RG bin when a job starts?

It would require a BPM, but it sure can. This would be a small bit of code though.
Also, you will need to define what it means to “start” a job. Is it Released or when the first Labor transaction starts?

Set the Resource Group/Resource as a Location, select Auto-Move and populate the appropriate warehouse/bin fields on the records - should work for you with no code

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Thanks @Jason_Woods & @SueLowden for the responses. Looking into this further it seems receipt entry is not pulling the primary bin in when you press set to location:

Pretty sure this used to work in our TEST environment. We seem to have discovered this in our new PILOT environment.

Are you receiving to stock or job?

To stock

I could not find any documentation on those buttons and what they are supposed to do. I would run a trace and try to track it down that way.

Somehow our bins do not have a type assigned to them so we are looking to have Epicor provide a datafix.