Kinetic Deployed Classic Dashboard No Results

After deploying a dashboard to kinetic the kinetic dashboard does not return results.
The classic one does, even if no paramaters are entered.


The dashboard conversion is garbage.
It’s best to do it from scratch.

It also looks like you’re using the client instead of the browser… ouch.

Run it in the browser and see what happens. At least then you can do some debugging with Dev Tools.

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Could you share a video or documention for the from scratch option?
FYI, it didn’t work in the browser either.

I’m sure it didn’t, but did you open Dev Tools to figure out why? How To: Debugging Kinetic (Browser) - Experts’ Corner - Epicor User Help Forum (

There’s none that I’m aware of. You can search these forums, though. I’m sure there are bits and pieces that I’ve posted that will get you there.

Does the baq have a sort, this will cause kinetic dashboards to return no data but classic does

No sort, thanks for the suggestion!

I followed your Dev Tools steps (thank you) and there is no Concole activity when the Ok button is clicked.

Do you see an ExecuteBAQ or ExecuteByID call from the network tab?

Yes, there is an ExecuteBAQ

With results?

No results in the values of the returned JSON

Does the payload show it sending filters in the where clause?

I’m sorry, I don’t know what that means.

There should be a tab called “Payload” within the network tab.
Expand all the carrots and send a screenshot.

Hm… okay.
Go back to the console tab, make sure debugging is active, refresh it so the query executes, then press CTRL+ALT+V to pull up the dataviews. Does the one that’s similar to your BAQ name have data?