MES Qty Adjustment acting different than full environment Qty Adjustment

We have just gone live from 10.1.400.22 to 10.2.300.5 and have noticed and interesting issue. If using Qty Adjustment from the main program, launching the program will put the cursor in the part field so the user simply has to type or scan a part number. Using MES Adjust Inventory (same program named differently), the cursor is located elsewhere and the user has to either tab twice or click the part field before they can type or scan a part number. Sure, this sounds pretty insignificant, but 1) why would the two launch points for the same program yield different results? 2) what has change between the two versions since 10.1.400.22 didn’t act this way?

This issue occurs for any user. I initially thought there was some personalization in the way, but I reset to base, saved, exited and tried again with the same result. After trying additional user accounts and finding the same results, I believe the problem is related to launching the program through MES. If both systems acted the same and didn’t locate the cursor on the part field, I could write a customization that would fix it, but in this case, I could fix one and break the other. I have also tried selecting the part field under the MES environment and saving that layout, but it doesn’t stick.

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You apply a customization to a specific menu item, so you could make the customization for MES and only apply in to MES and leave the full client one alone. Although if you simply did a focus on form load, I don’t think that would break anything on either form.

Thank you @Banderson. I didn’t see the forest for the trees.

Curious development with this. We are finding more screens that the focus is messed up. I randomly checked 10 screens and 8 of them did not load with the focus set to the expected field. Job Tracker, Part Tracker, Start Setup Activity, Start Rework Activity, Start Indirect Activity, Return Material, Move WIP, Move Material and Move Inventory. Can anyone here verify that under 10.2.300 that their MES works properly in regards to the focus?

I don’t think the focus has ever been set that intelligently out of the box. Almost always a user has to click a field to do something. I don’t know if it’s intentional, or just an oversight. I guess I always just accepted it.

I worked that way for us under 10.1.400.22. We have a copy of the old system to be able to compare and I just double checked and indeed 10.1.400.22 always set the focus to the “correct” field just like the same screens using the full client does.

This might be of interest

Thank you @ckrusen, but at this point, I’ve moved away from how to fix the single screen we first noticed (which was an easy set focus customization as previously suggested) to now what the heck is going on since so many screens are acting up. I’ve opened a case with Epicor, but nothing from them yet. Similar to the new video help causing screen hanging when there is no internet connectivity, this issue feels like a larger scale issue that if others can confirm the problem, I could possibly get more attention.

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