We just discovered that in MES that when somebody logged in under indirect time that the time starts at midnight and not the actual clock time. We went back for 2 years and it was doing it then. We just started to audit our indirect times and this stood out like a sore thumb.

Any suggestions would be of great help.

Hi Rich,

We are the public cloud and i see this effect, but only for indirect idle time calculated by the system.

I wonder if there is a version where this is corrected again?


but only for indirect idle time calculated by the system.

Ditto. That confused me the first time I seen it.

If this is always the “Indirect idle time”, then I believe it is because the system doesn’t try to apply the idle time to every idle moment… it probably bundles all the idle time into one entry. Example, if you are idle for 10 minutes at 9:00 AM and 50 minutes at 11:00 AM, then you would see one entry for 60 minutes of idle time for the day. Since it is bundled, it doesn’t have a specific time that is represented. This would still need verified, but I believe that is what you are seeing and why it happens.

Tim is correct on the Idle time. The code that you have set in your company configuration will accumulate all the non specific idle time (Time not on job or other Indirect code) into one detail punch starting at midnight. Any indirect time that you specifically log into from one of your other indirect codes will not be in this total and will get an actual Start and end time.


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