Need Help for updating /Inserting a record from custom field to UD Table (For supplier maintainance)

Hello Experts,
I have customized the supplier maintenance screen for our new requirement. I have to store given text box data to a UD table i.e. UD03. I have created a Dataview for UD03 by keeping parent view as vendorDetails and vendor,vendorID= UD03,key1. Custom field bind to the UD03.character02 filed. **But while inserting the data, it is not going to the UD03 table. Am i missing something ? **
or this dataView is pure view so i only read from it ?
i am new to the UD tables…n doing this type of customization for first tym. I am confused about , if the custom field should be set EpikeyFiled- true / False ?

The configuration screenshots are attached below…
1.Custom Screen

2.Custom filed properties

3. View is readOnly ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

We have some set up use EpiCombo Box. This is what that looks like.I will see if we have one that is just a text field. Most of our text fields are just normal epi binding to a custom field.

It sounds like you might want to add UD03 as a child of the Vendor table?
i.e. each supplier record, you might have many UD03 records (notes)?
If so, have you experimented with the Customization Wizard(s) yet?
Menu → Tools → Wizards → Customization Wizards → “Add User Defined Table As Child”
This wizard adds the basic code for you. Even if it’s not exactly what you want, might help as an example.

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@bordway: As i said in initial que.n, I have added a child UD03 table with the parent table VendorDetail and vendor.vendorID= UD03.key1. The code for adding/updating records also auto updated in C# code. All is seems correct. But when i try to add a record ,its not getting updated in UD03 table…If i bind this custom field to vendor.character01, its working fine… which thing i missing ???


Hi Prakash,

Once you followed the steps above [Menu --> Tools --> Wizards --> Customization Wizards --> “Add User Defined Table As Child”] to add the UD03 table.

I would also use the following mapping as Vendornum is the key index on the Vendor table:

VendorNum to Key1 and VendorID to Key2 in the UD table mapping

And bind the field as above save and load your customized Vendor screen.

Load a supplier that you want to input details against.

  1. Then hit the new icon drop-down arrow on the page and you should see NEW UD03 hit that.

  2. This should now create the ud record --enter details and save and it should now be reflected in the DB.

  3. A quick SQL select should confirm.

If you want to edit just amend the data and save and it should.

You would need to create new ud03 record similiar for each Vendor you this data stored.

Thnks Troy,
I have tried with your trick at today morning with New UD03 Menu item. it has just stored the key1,key2 values, but not the linked field value for UD03.Character1… and one more thing…it is allowing duplicate entry for same vendorIDs.

This is a screenshot of my testing your config and it show it works by updating the character01 field.

You have linked the UD table to the Vendor detail. The combination of the Key columns is what makes the record unique. so while yes it creates another record linked to that Vendor ( because you have clicked NEW UD03 again ) .

Please re-check your solution and see if you missed a step as it should have saved to the UD table character01 or maybe start a new customization?
I don’t know what you are trying to achieve here ultimately. However, I believe this solution will work as stated and yes create multiple records against 1 vendor if you create such. but note Key 5 is incremented distinguishing the two.

Why are you using the UD table and not a ud field on the Vendor table?

Maybe you need to revise your solution to address whatever issue you are facing?



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