Need to add GLJrnHed.CommentText to the Journal Listing report

I am trying to add GLJrnHed.CommentText to the Journal Listing report.

I have copied the standard Report Style and created a custom SSRS report. I have also copied the standard “Journal” Report Data Definition and created a custom RDD. I am stuck with what needs to be added to my custom RDD to tie the GLJrnHed.CommentText field so that it can be added to my SSRS report.

I have tried multiple things…added GLJrnHed as a Data Source, added the CommentText as a Calculated Field, added Report Relationships between GLJrnHed and GLDetail (also tried a relationship with GLJournal)…nothing seems to work. My RDD is connecting with my custom SSRS report as I am able to print the label on the GLJrnHed.CommentText field but the values entered in the actual comment field are not being pulled in. I am new to SSRS…has anyone added fields to the Journal Listing report?

You will need to:

  1. Add the GLJrnHed table
  2. Save and refresh to show the fields from GLJrnHed (un-exclude them)
  3. Create a Relationship between GLDetail and GLJrnHed (with fields)
  4. Update your copied Report Style to use the new RDD

Do I need to “Sync Dataset” on my copied Report Style after I have completed the updates for the new RDD?

You should NEVER press the Sync Dataset unless it is a BAQ report.
For the SSRS side, that is more than a post can cover simply. I would recommend SSRS training at that point. Epicor has some basic training manual that can help get you started.

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