Old dog learning new tricks - Dashboards in Kinetic

I want to try to adapt to the “right” way of doing things in Kinetic. So how do you make a dashboard from a BAQ in 2022.1?

I know A way to do this. Make it in classic mode and then publish it in Kinetic; then customize in app studio as desired. This seems to be all that the help has to offer as well.

But I tell you what, I don’t know anymore because they took away my PDF guides. :sob:

I really liked seeing the whole dashboard section in context. Yeah, I knew that was coming.

Is there any other way to do this, or are there any plans to make Dashboard Designer Kineticized natively? @timshuwy

This is not out yet, but is planned for who knows when. Probably around the same time when they Kineticize the BPM designer and other Ice Tools.


As of the latest update, 2022.1.6, the Menu Maintenance is ‘Kineticized’ …Here we go…