Order Job Wizard - Unfirm?

I’m looking into using the Order Job Wizard for our scheduling/planning team. Currently, we let MRP create all of our jobs based on the demand from sales orders. However, this requires us to wait overnight to see the net impact / availability. I’ve been asked to make that be as close to real time as possible.

I thought if we use the Order Job Wizard, it would allow us to see that impact in real time. However, it creates a firm job. We like leaving the jobs unfirmed (as MRP creates them) until about 2 weeks prior to the scheduled date. We like to do this because it allows the job to be updated by MRP should any changes be made to the assembly in the meantime.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Can I unfirm a job after it’s been firmed? Can a BPM make the job go in unfirm from the Job Wizard? I will start exploring on my own, but I’m curious if anyone else has feedback about the Job Wizard or in general about a better way to achieve the goal I’m after.

Thanks in advance! Happy Friday!

I know of at least one company who created a BPM that (under the table) unfirmed the job after being created by the wizard. “Normally” it is not possible to unfirm the job after it has been firmed, but with some C# programming magic, it can be done. Since it is unfirm, it will automatically delete when MRP re-creates the job.
As with anything, if you do this type of tweak, it is your responsibility if you break the data.