Packing Slip from shipment did not trigger WIP release to CoGS

We created a packing slip and subsequent invoice, then closed June. Now in reconciling my WIP and COGS I’ve found that this job sits in WIP as if it’s still in progress with no amounts reclassed to CoGS for the shipment. How do I correct this? Create a credit memo to reverse the billing? Create a new packing slip? The job (Production Detail Report) shows the job and quantities as having shipped so will it even let me create another shipment? Just do a journal entry to reclass the CoGS? Then my Sub ledger will never balance to my ledger. UGH so frustrating.

Did it actually ship? And you have an inexplicable amount of WIP left over that didn’t reduce down?

Yes, it actually left the building. The packing slip was marked shipped or it wouldn’t have allowed my staff to pull in the invoice and post. When I look at WIP transactions they are all still sitting in WIP accounts. Not a single penny was transferred to CoGS for this job.

Is it make direct? Where are you seeing that for this job specifically it hasn’t gone to CoGS? Inventory WIP/Rec?

It’s make to order and yes I can see this on IV WIP reconciliation.

Double check your part classes if it’s not going to CoGS you might be missing a natural account somewhere.

Try to do the following:

  1. check on part transaction history tracker if there is an MFG-CUS (if you shipped from job) or an STK-CUS transaction. It should be as you said the packslip exists and has been marked as shipped;
  2. if you have a MFG-CUS run cos&wip reconciliation report on that specific job, only on transaction type MFG-CUS. This will show you the booking which was done for this transaction (or will be done if it was not posted).

Here you will probably see one account is not the one you would expect.
This coul dbe either becuase your GL control for your produt group is not having the right accounts and posting rules tried to use the GL control for stock at the company level or you had an database issue = you need a datafix from support.
Worst case scenario this is an one time situation otherwise you would have the same problem for more jobs, not only this one.
This is assuming you do not have any customizaton which might interfere with the WIP release or a faulty WIP report.

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When you have an issue with GL posting with job, please run Inventory WIP Reconciliation Report by selecting the job with both Posted and Unposted transactions. Check whether ExtCost is available for MFG-CUS (since its make direct) transaction. Close the job which will trigger calculation of variance which will clear WIP.

There is no part history as part numbers for manufactured parts are entered on the fly as Non-stock since we make to order with each job. When I run IV WIP recon for this job filtered for MFG-CUS it throughs an error with no records selected. When I run IV WIP for any transaction on the job, everything is still sitting in WIP.

On the fly, I’m out on, no experience with it. I assume there must be some mechanism like PartClass that directs how the costs are supposed to flow. The job costing tech reference guide in epic web might outline how this is supposed to flow and offer some insight for you. I would download that and take a look at it.

Was the entire job shipped?

If the order is for 10 (all on one release), and a job is created with Production Qty of 10, but only 5 shipped. No COS will be created.

Those first 5 will be “free”. This continues until the last of the Prod Qty is shipped. At that time the COS will be for the the entire job.


  1. Job 1234-1-1 is created for (10) of XYZ-123. Unit cost of parent part is $100.
  2. Enough Materials issued to job 1234-1-1 to make all 10. $1,000 goes from Inv to WIP
  3. (5) are shipped to customer, and invoiced. No COS is generated, WIP still holds costs for all 10.
  4. (3) more are shipped and invoiced. Still no COS, and WIP still has $1,000 for job.
  5. (2) more (thus all of the Prod Qty) are shipped and invoiced. COS hit with $1,000 from WIP. It appears as though these last (2) cost $500 each.

But it all nets out (5x$0 + 3x$0 + 2x$500) / 10 = $100 each.

But only after the final production Qty is shipped.

Note: Same thing happens for Make to Stock. (the first 8 would go in at $0 each, and the final 2 at $500)

All of ^^ that is why we use STD cost LOL

Hi Calvin,

This particular job was a qty of 1 and 1 shipped complete. We do however sometimes ship partial orders and it does transfer CoGS for those partial items.

That is because WIP Recon uses the posting engine for calculations, and zero dollar transactions don’t generate a GL tran, so no records are created.

The packer details show the qty was from the Job?

FWIW - PartTrans are records are created for On The Fly Parts as well.

Here’s a BAQ of PartTran for a specific job for a part that is not in our system.

You can’t use the Part Tran History Tracker, but you can use a BAQ.

See if a PartTran record of type MFG-CUS for the Job in question exists. If so, does it have any costs?

Yes, the packer details show quantity shipped from Job as 1 pc. My sales account was posted for the invoice, which again, could not be created without a packer marked as Shipped. Confirmed in Packer details.

Have you had a chance to run a BAQ on the parttran table? Need help with that?

Wouldn’t any transaction of MFG-CUS also be in IV/WIP Recon? I don’t know how to create a BAQ.

yes please!