Part Tracker hangs on startup for ONE particular user no matter what PC he logs into. Everyone else is fine

We have one particular user account where if he tries to start up Part Tracker, it shows the screen but hangs with a “retrieving data” message in the bottom left corner and never fully opens. It doesn’t matter what PC he logs into Epicor with, it always does it. Every other Epicor user account works fine with part tracker whether it is on his machine or another. I’ve never seen this behavior before. It appears to be something on the server side, not client. Can anyone help?

The first thing I would look at is whether he has a personalization on the Part Tracker form. if so, Delete his personalization (Customization Maintenance) and have him log out of Epicor and log back in. (From time to time the personalizations get corrupted). (Also clear his client cache on the computer he uses most often).

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, the second thing I would check is the Menu Maintenance security settings for that the Part Tracker he is trying to launch - if it’s limited to specific security groups, make sure his User Account has one of the Security Groups that it is restricted to.

Thanks Timothy, it was indeed the personalization that somehow got corrupted. I deleted it and it started working again.