Paste/Insert drops field

We frequently use paste/insert to add order detail lines. We have an additional UD field that we need to populate in this process. The field IRPBrandType_c is not a new field. It has just gained importance for this process. I have personalized the grid column order to include this field, and the column is included in the workbook that I’m copying from. Here’s a shot of what I’ve copied -

When I paste/insert the copied data, the value in that cell is not retained.

What am I missing?

Is there any other logic on that field (Custom Code in the Customization, or BPM)?
Is that field a Drop Down (Combobox)?
What happens if you try to populate the IRPBrand_c?

it seems like i have seen something like this happen if the field was a combo box… maybe/maybe not.

That was my thinking. If it is a ComboBox, then you need to paste the ID value and not the Description.

Thanks for the pointer. I found the culprit. On the Line tab where this field lives, IRPBrand_c and IRPBrandType_c work are inter-related. They both use EpiUltraCombo. The list items available IRPBrand_c populate from UD01. The list items available for IRPBrandType_c populate from UD02 and are filtered by the value entered for IRPBrand_c. However, the control allows either field to be populated with free text. The piece of code that I didn’t see until now is the one that clears IRPBrandType_c after a change to IRPBrand_c.

Apparently, Paste/Insert operates from left to right, so was setting IRPBrandType_c before IRPBrand_c. So, when IRPBrand_c got set, it cleared IRPBrandType_c. Reordering the columns in the grid so that IRPBrandType_c was to the right of IRPBrand_c resolved the problem.

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