PO Type

Hi Experts,

Is there a way to create different PO types, not just the 3 standard types?



a straightforward answer to that is No from the general system flow perspective as each type comes with their own sets of logic.


Agree with @CCK. this is a system controlled field, and you cannot add on. Similar to other special system controlled fields… for example, part type only supports Make, Purchased, or Sales kit (or Transferred on the Part/Site table).
we need to have control over certain fields because they have lots of programming “teeth” that cause them to do things based on the value. PO Type is one of those.
If you need to have your own “PO Type”, i would encourage you to add a User Defined field, and tie it to a UserCode table that would allow you to specify standard options for your UD Field.

Thanks Tim.

Thanks Chun