Print preview in browser stopped working in Kinetic 2021

Got our Kinetic 2021 test box setup. First observation is running in browser is much faster than the client.

I have run into an issue. I was able to preview reports in the browser ok and it suddenly stopped working. There is no notification either. Both Crystal and SSRS were working in the browser for the last two days and till today morning. There is no notification either or an entry in the system monitor in the browser.

However, when I log into the client all the reports show up in the client.

Do not know where to look.


Vinay Kamboj

If you run Dev Tools in the browser (F12, then CTRL+ALT+8), then preview, does it give you any clues?

Hi Aaron,

The notification for the report pops up. On clicking it says error with the only detail as “Business Layer Exception”.

Vinay Kamboj

Can you check the event viewer on the server? It should give you more details.

Some issues related to Print Preview were fixed in 2021.1.9.
Suggest you try it out post the .9 upgrade.

We are currently testing 1.8. I will look into the upgrade.


@Vinaykamboj Did you ever find a solution to this? i am running 2021.2.5 and i believe i am experiencing the same print preview issue as you are/were.

2021.2.12 and the same issue for us.