Resistance is Futile (LLMs are coming for your lunch!)

Are you sick and tired of having to listen to “executives” and “managers” trying to tell you how to do your job? Well, just hop over to the ideas portal and vote yourself an AI replacement!
Let AI review and summarize our data | Epicor Kinetic Ideas (

I was playing with this idea a bit last week, threw together this example.

I don’t know how companies would feel about an Open LLM having access to all their private family jewels but the concept is definitely intriguing. The incredible thing about this is that since Chat GPT already “knows” the Open API Specification all I had to do was point it to / tell it where to find my Epicor API, I only gave it access to 2 BAQs zCustomer01 and CustomerTotalSales (SUM(InvoiceHead.InvoiceAmt) generated a SWAGGER Specification for them

and off to the races! Since it consumes Open API though you could just point it straight at your Epicor API… but that seems like a lot of Trust!


Now here’s an interesting Idea, Epicor exposes its App Studio MetaFX API as an Open Restful API. Wouldn’t it be neat if you could re-configure your screens and taylor them by asking the system to do for you.

Yo Epicor, this layout sucks, can you collapse all the cards in this screen and make them tabs, and hide field X, y and Z. Also add a button that when clicked will execute a BAQ which will return the Customer’s information.

Now because the LLM has access to the whole API it can search through BAQs find one that suits the need and then use the MetaFX API to re-arrange the screen and add new functionality.

Gonna put @hmwillett out of a job with App Studio :joy: and @timshuwy won’t have to re-desing all them screens! :safe_harbor:


That’s amazing. If only the data passed to chat gpt could be secured .

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How it knew where to take the sum? from description or fields label?

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The BAQ was already a summary by customer in this case. But yes it will take the descriptions of the fields and make “assumptions”

So if you name it randomly, it would fail?

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Yes absolutely it looks at the OpenAI Descriptions to figure it out.


It can also write so it can make or order for you if you ask it to the problem is how does it figure out what’s required l. I think you have to have an endpoint that returns only required fields or something so that I knows what to ask you for :thinking:

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This is awesome and I can’t say anything else without an extensive safe harbor statement. :safe_harbor:


After developing the first General AI, scientists ask it, “Is there a god?”

To which it responds, “There is now.”

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