Shipped, Invoice posted- but wrong ship amount

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My users have shipped an pack, its been invoiced and posted. However they have realised the shipment detailed the wrong qty- how can this be unposted and edited so to speak?



You can post a Cancellation Invoice to cancel the original invoice for this shipment. You should then be able to un-ship the pack, adjust as needed, and then re-ship and re-invoice with a new invoice number. The cancellation invoice will act as a credit memo to back out the original invoice.

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Mr. Tyler: Could you explain exactly what a cancellation invoice is?


Yes please can you explain how to create a cancellation invoice

thankyou so far :slight_smile:

The details are in the help file. here’s a quick run down:
Create a new AR Group
On the Actions menu, select cancellation invoice.
Follow the prompts to enter the original invoice number.
You would review/post like any other group.
The pack slip status is changed Shipped (from Invoiced)
You can reopen the pack slip,edit, mark as shipped.
The Pack Slip will appear in your Get Shipments list in AR Invoicing again.

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Perfect thankyou very much all :blush: