SSRS Data Disappeared After Adding Columns

I’m facing an issue while working on an SSRS report that is intended to display Customer specific Open Orders. The data stopped showing up while I was in the process of adding columns and testing the output using the BAQ report designer.

Initially, I suspected that one of the newly added columns might be causing the issue. I removed the recently added columns. Unfortunately, this did not resolve the issue. To make matters worse, I made the mistake of saving and closing the report after making changes, preventing me from using ctrl-z to undo the changes.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions!

Before adding columns:

After adding OnHold and ReqDate columns:

If your data source was from running the report to generate the data in the ReportsTemp database (with a GUID value), that data will purge itself after awhile.
What you can do is rerun the report and set the Archive period to something much longer and use the new GUID while you are working with designing your report.

(It maybe something else but this was my first thought)

Can you post a screen shot of the RDL?

No idea, that is very strange. Are you saving locally or to the server? If you saved it locally, you can get the original from the server. If you saved it to the server, I would open the OOTB version and over-write your custom one.

It’s located on the server and was created this from scratch :frowning:

What is feeding the report; BAQ, RDD, something else?

It’s a BAQ

Ok. Are you creating a BAQ Report or did you create a new RDD and add the BAQ to it?

BAQ report data set. No RDD.

Thanks for sending me the RDL. I would not have thought of this so it really helped.

Your Tablix’s dataset is pointing to the wrong one. It is currently pointing at RptLabels and it should be BAQReportResult. If you right click in the side and select Tablix Properties, you will be able to change it.

Wow idk how in the hell I did that. I definitely wasn’t changing stuff there. Thank you so much!!!


I figured out how I messed this up. I added a column from the label dataset inadvertently which changes the Tablix dataset. When I save, exited and went back in to remove the columns it didn’t revert back to the BAQReportResult dataset :slight_smile: