SSRS field alignment / shifting

One of the fields seems to be moving on me in the SOForm.

With the Design of:
(note how the Ext price value field overlaps the field to the left)

I get


which is what I expect.

If I shorten up the Ext price value field to:
(note that the left side of the value field was moved to the right, but the right edge remained aligned with the Ext Price label above it)


But I get


Why would Ext price value field hold its location, only when it overlaps that field to the left?

BTW - that field it overlaps with is TxtLSHSHM which displays a PricePerCode (when used)

The outlines of the field where just to show the fields location when it rendered

Just one of the many mysteries in SSRS…beyond my ability to get them to reconcile.
I can only guess is has to do with control positions relative to the rectangles that contain them… where “something” is different but what?

I had some time to kill & played with alignment issues on my test version.

  • found similar issues except it appears to be a different row that didn’t match in my case (and I manually typed in values for all sections, rectangles & controls)

I hope that someday we’ll get a true WYSIWYG editor for SSRS.
I really like MS SQL… but no love for Report Builder.

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I’m with you on the no love for SSRS… Tweaking an alignment in an existing report or finding out where extra white space is coming from can be so frustrating and time consuming!

When I create a report from scratch, I go back to my HTML roots and put everything in as a table - merging and splitting cells as I go. It worked for FrontPage, works for SSRS too. However, getting existing Epicor SSRS reports to that format is a royal pain. I believe it would have been much easier if they would have started from scratch rather than converting Crystal Reports to SSRS.

If you find any tips or tricks, I’m sure many of us would appreciate them.
Good Luck!

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Using tables is my only trick. Especially if the report is destined to be exported to Excel. Nothing worse than the blank columns between fields. Except maybe blank rows.

It’s a shame MS didn’t buy Crystal when they had the opportunity to. I think a lot of the issues with existing forms is the fact that they try to be all things and in some instances have artifacts that remain after being dragged up from previous releases.

I wouldn’t be surprised that the XML in the RDL file has some artifact that is making report builder misbehave.

I have seen posts on the web about that previously, particularly around widths, but looks like in your case it is locations too.