Subscribing a form to a BAQ Publishing

Am I mad in thinking that we could get a Dashboard attached as a separate sheet to the Inventory Transfer Screen. And upon clicking a row on the data grid we could publish out to the PartNumber fields and potentially the FromWarehouse and FromBin?

I was trying to do this without code but although the publish to UI feature is there, we can’t get the fields to auto populate nor subscribe to this based on the grid data. Is it possible to subscribe data fields in this way?

You can definitely do that and there have been plenty of posts around configuration. Search for “embedded dashboard” if you haven’t already.

Embedded dashboard via Sheet Wizard - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum (

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I think the OP is trying to go the other way. Where the form subscribes to the row selected in the dashboard. Such that the form would work like:

  1. Launches customized Inventory Transfer program
  2. Part Number is blank as it is in an uncustomized form. Just waiting for you to enter the P/N.
  3. On a separate sheet, A dashboard populates based on its BAQ - which is independent of the Partnum the form currently has loaded.
  4. They select a row in the dashboard, and the form loads the Part Number associated with that row.

Sounds like one could just use a BAQ Search, with their existing BAQ that drives the dashboard.

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Reading comprehension is hard. :rofl:

So would it be possible to click on a row in dashboard in a form and have the form switch to the newly selected part?

If I had to guess, I’d say the OP’s issue is bins with negative QOH.

Their dashboard shows all the Bins with a negative qty. And its someone’s job to zero them out by transferring qty’s from bins with positive qty’s. If this is the case, then the BAQ that shows all Parts that have at least one bin with a negative QOH, could be used for the Search.

I’ve used BAQ searches a lot, and often set the form to to use it as the default. For example, on the User Maintenance, I’ve no desire to see the hundreds of accounts that are disabled every time I launch User Maintenance. The form automatically loads all the active users.

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Worry not about the comprehension Hannah, I write whats in my head. To me I am William Shakespeare to others I am Irvine Welsh (good luck trying to read ‘Trainspotting’)

Thanks Calvin, the Idea for my BAQ is that I am only going to look at one Warehouse and bin, as I am going to copy and customise the transfer form specific for 1 department so that they can quickly identify what they have in their area and then move it out.

For me, it was going to look at Part Number, then FromWarehouse and FromBin number. I suppose the problem with BAQ Search was that it wasn’t necessarily a Dashboard Layout that could update without some user intervention.

Any idea on the purpose of the Publish to UI feature is. It does seem to be missing something, or maybe I am

Turns out this is pretty easy. I used Part Entry, but modify to your needs.

  1. Create the BAQ and Dashboard
  2. In the dashboard, right click the query and go to properties
  3. Add the keys as publish

  1. Customize the UI and use the Sheet Wizard to add your dashboard

  1. Mark Publish data to the UI


  1. Add your published columns.


  1. ???

  2. Profit


Congrats! You made a Kinetic Landing Page :rofl:

Step 7 is

“Order wheelbarrows to carry all the money we are going to make…”

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I think I may have bigger problems then. This is exactly the method that I have run over my inventory transfer sheet.

When I run my example, the part number does not change over. I’ve whittled out the wahoure and bin also just to see if it picks up on the PartNumber but alas its just not grasping it.

I’ll keep playing with it and see what the problem is but no wheelbarrow for me as yet.

Can you show me how you set it all up?

Ooh I just remembered I need to do this. Will have a look at that today/tomorrow!