To skip a sub configurator

Hello all,

I’m new here and somewhat new to Epicor configurator development, and I’m hoping maybe someone has some insight on something I’ve been trying to achieve with my product configurator.

I am working on creating a somewhat complicated product configurator that builds parts/methods and ultimately a complete BOM based on information derived from our in-house engineering calculations workbook (.xml file), as well as parts list items selected by a tab file produced by our CAD software (.txt file). There is a top level configurator which sets up all of the initial information for the top level assembly part and passes down information to multiple sub-configurator levels. As you click the “Page Next” button, it runs through all sub-configurator levels (one for each non-stock parts list item) until it completes the BOM/Method creation process for each part. It works good, however, what I would like to do is find a way to skip any sub-configurators that aren’t needed to run for an assembly that does not call for the use of a particular item(s).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Welcome to the Epicor community Bryce!

Are you using the Method Rules to remove the subconfigurators so they don’t get called out on the BOM? My understanding is that if they aren’t ‘kept’ then the configurator won’t jump into that parts sub-configurator.


@Schae235 Thanks for the quick response!

I am using rule methods, and this is a bit embarrassing, but I may have somewhat answered my own question here. I have a method rule in place to choose the initial sub-configurator (depending on which product type the end user is working on), but it hadn’t even occurred to me to implement a set of rules that allows the top level configurator to choose which sub-configs to keep or or not.

I’ll give that a try later today.

Thank you!

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Thanks again for your help with this! I created a rule for each sub-configurator that does a simple check to see if the specified item type is needed or not. I no longer have to click through an absurd amount of sub-configurators to complete the process! :partying_face: