Unbalanced Inventory/WIP Recon

A Capture COS process ended up in the Review Journal, and I’ve narrowed it down to one specific transaction, a PUR-UKN.

When I run Inv/WIP Recon for the date in question, I get only one entry for the item. A credit to the Accrued Receiving’s.

Normally I’d expect to find the offsetting debit under an expense account, but the item only shows once in the whole report.

I’ve looked at the PO, and everything seems okay. The only odd thing is that the Exp Account on the PO Release was left blank. I thought that this was okay and that being blank was the same as letting the Posting Engine determine the value from GLC’s. There’s no TranGLC entry that matches the PO Num

Normally I’d just un receive it, update the PO, and re-receive it. But it’s already been invoiced.

Suggestions on where to look next?

PE Log Viewer. Clear it first, then check off only COSandWIP, or whatever it’s called. Then run the IWR

Thanks Jason - I knew there was something I was forgetting.

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Yeah the name does not give it away! “Posting Engine” I guess? But so awesome.

Well … it appears to be a backed dated entry, as the PE Log shows:

But the odd thing is, why would half the Transaction appear to process okay?

I’m blown away that it says it’s from October but the IWR says November. Or is it a different transaction?

The plot thickens …

Turns out that part .25" GREEN ROPE was purchased twice. Once on PO 50414 and again on 50514 (yes, exactly 100 PO #'s apart!)

There was a receipt against PO 50414 on 10/28. Running IWR for 10/28 (and just PUR-UKN), and that part only shows once. And the PE Log for that running of IWR is what IO posted above. Further examination of that PE Log shows an unbalanced line:

There is another receipt, but against PO 50514 on dated received today (11/25), but with a pack slip number that looks like an user created P/S number of 111620ke (KE is one of our purchasing folks initials). So I’m guessing that “P/S” really stands for “created on 11/16/20 by KE”.

  • This one also only appears once on the IWR for 11/25.
  • The PE Log for this running of IWR shows one non-specific error
  • Expanding the PE Log lines shows (3) rows with a single line. Normally each row has “2 lines:”
    • image
  • Expanding the first of the three rows, shows that it is the Item in question

So this demonic OTF part number has caused the issue twice…

Searching the PartTran table for entries with this partnum, and I find that it was a PUR-MTL part way back in March of 2019. I’ve double checked and there is no Part entry with that P/N.

@ckrusen Open the PO/Line/Release and attach GL account in the release. It will work. No need to un-receive as posting engine always looks at TranGlc for PUR-UKN transaction.

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