User security DMT user is greyd out

We have the DMT license.
I am creating a new user in Epicor which needs to have access to DMT.

In User Account Maintenance-Options Fields there is a DMT User checkbox. Looking at the help, it says: Select this check box to give this user rights to run the Data Management Tool.

But it is greyed out.
Moreover, I verified with other users who do use DMT, and they do not have the check box activated.


  1. is it a bug in my version?
  2. if not, why it is greyed out ? and how to enable it, and make sure not all users can do dmt then?

Thank you.


We are on 10.2.300 and there are 3 DMT files that I manually place in the client folder so DMT can be executed from the machine (DMT.exe, a DMT dll, and the license file). Then I run the DMT.exe directly from the client folder. I’ve never seen the checkbox for DMT user in my version but I read in Kinetic release notes they are transitioning licensing to be server based since the client will eventually going away.