Vantage and Citrix


We installed Citrix primarily to connect our 2 off-site companies to Vantage
via a T1, using Citrix and Terminal Server as thin client solution.

Since then, we have also begun using citrix in-house for some of our clients
that were running old Pentium 1, 32 MB RAM to connect to Vantage. The lag
time for these users has more than cut in half.

We have about 10 concurrent users, 6 off-site and 4 on-site.

Our terminal server is PIII, 733 with 768 MEG of RAM. Performance with 10
users is usually really good.

We are running windows NT Terminal Server 4.0 and Citrix Metaframe 1.8. I
was on the phone with Vantage Tech support the other day for something else
and we were talking about terminal server/citrix. He informed me that
Terminal Server 2000 incorporates a lot of the great features of citrix. I
have not used, so I can't verify this, however.

Is there anything in particular you want to know?