Where is the MiscCharges?

I am working on customizing our Packing Slip. So I copied and moved everything to the Custom Folder to edit. I started testing our changes and I keep getting the error:

Thing is, I can’t find the dataset MiscCharges anywhere in the Data Definition.

I figured it may be under tab Data Sources–>Linked Tables, but I do not see that table listed.
What am I missing and/or overlooking?

It’s ShipMisc - about 2/3 the way down your list right under ShipHead.

Not under there. I agree it should be, but its not. The fields listed in the error do not appear under here. If they are in your system, can you share screenshots that show them to me?

Not sure if this is relevant, but aren’t misc charges Line 0 on Sales Orders?

Another thought is that you aren’t shipping misc charges, so they wouldn’t be on a pack slip. Misc charges get defined for invoicing (frequency = first, last, every…).

MiscCharges subreport. Has its own Data Source.

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But it shouldn’t have its own data definition. And that is what has me confused. Any insight?

Sorry, I misunderstood your original issue, I didn’t look at the error message, though you were simply looking for the shipment misc charges.

Brian’s right, the Misc Charges is a sub-report. Here’s a screen shot of the Dataset Properties on my Misc Charges subreport:

If you open the MiscCharges subreport in Report Builder, you will see that it uses a Shared Data Source that is linked to the PackSlip report by the ShipHead_PackNum parameter. The shared data source then fetches the misc charges data when the report is run. This shared data source is from Epicor and I was unable to find a way to modify.


I ran into the same issues and ended up creating my own data source for the MiscCharges subreport, connecting directly to the OrderMsc table with read only credentials to get the fields I wanted.

You don’t need to change the data source unless you copied the report from a different environment (like from pilot to live, etc.). The data source just tells SSRS which report database to use.

When you run an SSRS report, a few things happen in the background. First, Epicor will look into your RDD and report style and create a set of new tables in a separate database. If your database name is EpicorERP, the db for reports will be EpicorERPReports. Second, based on those tables, SSRS will create new datasets. Each dataset has a query behind it and you can edit it in SSRS. Then, all of those fields from the query are added in SSRS’s query field list. Finally, those fields in the query list are used to populate the report.

Keep in mind the logic above whenever you try to add or change a field. In your case, SSRS is telling you that it couldn’t create the new MiscCharges dataset because it couldn’t find some fields. Go back starting with the RDD in Epicor and make sure you have those fields there (they exist and they’re not excluded).