Why Data Directive works In-Transaction not in Standard

I have a Data Directive to Unallocate, Move Inventory, Reallocate. I have the Unallocate portion in another code block In-Transaction, since I need to Unallocate, before it moves the inventory to another bin. Below is the Move inventory code and is the only Directive I have enabled. Using this exact code, works In-Transaction but errors in Standard. Error: Error Creating Part Tran, Please retry.

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Ahh, thank you. As you can tell Iā€™m new to this whole epicor thing

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Also if you are using any conditions against RowMod (added\updated\etc) you can have issues (doesnt seem to be applicable in your case here).

This is because after a BO update processes the rows (using RowMod to determine action), in most cases the BO will clear the RowMod making your conditions fail.


@Chris_Conn @Mark_Wonsil fyi you guys are practically living legends in my book with your help on other threads. Thank you!!