Dashboard - Right Click Supplier ID - no option to 'Open With'?


I’ve created a dashboard (Nothing more than one BAQ really - no trackers, filters etc.) for our Suppliers.
I want users to be able to right click on ‘VendorID’ and ‘Open With’ Supplier Entry or other relevant options.
But right clicking only gives the option to copy to Excel etc.

In other dashboards I’ve made, we can right click on a field, e.g. CustID and ‘Open With’ customer relevant forms,.

What have I missed please?!

VendorNum and VendorID should be giving you the menu context associated with vendor. What is the table name-field your supplierID column is from?

Yes, @Hogardy, I was wondering the same thing, what Table.FieldName are you using for Supplier ID? If you go directly to the Supplier Entry form can you right-click the Supplier ID field and see the Context Menu that you are looking for?

This is what is showing up in my Content Menu Maintenance for Vendor.VendorID:

Do you see anything similar?

And one more thought, maybe whatever user you are running this Dashboard under doesn’t have access to Supplier Entry, etc.?

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Hi - it’s all from the Erp.Vendor table:

[Vendor].[Inactive] as [Vendor_Inactive],
[Vendor].[Approved] as [Vendor_Approved],
[Vendor].[VendorID] as [Vendor_VendorID],
[Vendor].[Name] as [Vendor_Name],
[Vendor].[Address1] as [Vendor_Address1],
[Vendor].[Address2] as [Vendor_Address2],
[Vendor].[Address3] as [Vendor_Address3],
[Vendor].[City] as [Vendor_City],
[Vendor].[State] as [Vendor_State],
[Vendor].[ZIP] as [Vendor_ZIP],
[Vendor].[PhoneNum] as [Vendor_PhoneNum],
[Vendor].[EMailAddress] as [Vendor_EMailAddress],
[Vendor].[VendURL] as [Vendor_VendURL],
[Vendor].[TaxPayerID] as [Vendor_TaxPayerID],
[Vendor].[GroupCode] as [Vendor_GroupCode],
[Vendor].[ContractExpire_c] as [Vendor_ContractExpire_c],
[Vendor].[ContractOwner_c] as [Vendor_ContractOwner_c],
[Vendor].[CreateDate_c] as [Vendor_CreateDate_c],
[Vendor].[Critical_c] as [Vendor_Critical_c],
[Vendor].[SurveyDueDate_c] as [Vendor_SurveyDueDate_c]
from Erp.Vendor as Vendor

Thank you for replying

Also -

I’ve made a menu Id for the dashboard under Finance > Accounts Payable > Reports - however the right click open with doesn’t work when I am testing the dashboard in dashboard developer either.

What if you open the Supplier Entry Form itself, can you right click in the VendorID field and see the appropriate Context Menu?

When you say ‘doesn’t work’ do you mean the menu selection doesn’t appear in the context menu or the dashboard doesn’t populate with results?

In the context menu maintenance you need to make sure it is set to customization on the toolbar or it will only work for you. If the dashboard is not populating you may need to set the incoming parameter field to filter on dashboard browse.


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Good point - no I can’t!


Thanks Ross- sorry for not being clearer - by ‘doesn’t work’ I mean when I right click, I don’t see the option to open with other forms such as supplier entry.

Right I’m looking at Context Menu Maintenance now - thank you so much!

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One way to always make sure that the field is right clickable is to link whatever table you are using back to the primary table (in this case, Supplier) and display the supplier ID from that table… then the right click will work…
BUT there is also a simple workaround. Sometimes there is a field (from a UD Table for example) that you want to “act like” another field… in this case, you simply need to tell the BAQ what to do.

  1. edit your BAQ, and click on the display column
  2. click on the Display Fields Attributes editor button
  3. examine the “Like” attribute value… if there isn’t one, then click the add button, and add the Like attribute and manually type in the correct field like value… in this case “Like” “Vendor.VendorID”

Hmmm… Karen, it looks like you have no menu items associated with the VendorID field. Here’s mine (E10.2):

Since the context menu is user specific, either your entries have all been removed, or a ‘global’ customization mode removal occurred.

In any case, to view a context menu, you’ll have to add the entries you want to see.

Update: Just realized I virtually duplicated @ERPSysAdmin’s post. Oops.

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Thanks everyone- really appreciate all your input.

Also, are you running the dashboard as runtime? if so, that could be the issue, too. You have to deploy it as a DLL (Tools, Deploy Dashboard). And then in menu maintenance, select Dashboard - Assembly as the type and then chose your dashboard below.

That should fix it all!


I’ve never seen a difference in the “open with” from run time to assembly, and we use both quite extensively.

There is a difference…you definitely can’t export to Excel with the runtime. And users can’t personalize the dashboard (change the column order). Wasn’t sure about the open with…but it’s worth a try!

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Dear Tim, @timshuwy

Thanks much for both of these remedies for the perennial “Why isn’t there an Open With in my grid” question. I’ve saved your answer in my go-to Epicor first aid kit. See you in a few weeks! Best, …Monty.