Introduce yourself!

Hey everyone,

Hopefully all of you at insights had a good week and learned lots of new things. I know that fellow members of this forum were out and about and met many new people and intoduced them to this site.

If you are new here, or even if you’re not, go ahead and introduce yourself. We are a friendly group.

  1. Name
  2. Geographic location
  3. Company you work for and what they do
  4. What you do at your company
  5. What version of Epicor you are on (put that in your profile too, it helps!)
  6. What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
  7. Anything else you might think is interesting.

I’ll go first,
My name is Brandon Anderson, and I live near Fargo North Dakota. The company I work for is called Rapat corporation, and we make large industrial conveyors, pretty much all engineer to order.

I am a manufacturing engineer by trade , but have a lot of hats due to being the guy that figures things out.

We are on 10.1.600 soon to be upgrading to 10.2.200

My level of expertise with Epicor is intermediate. I know a lot of the tools pretty well, (baq, dashboard, simple to intermediate BPMs etc. Customizations) I’m learning some coding with help from people on this site so not super technical, but know enough to be dangerous.


We have AMM, use it… kind of
We have service connect and have used it for importing CAD data, but have since moved to CadLink.
My Company uses payroll, I am not personally involved with it.
We own configurator, and now armed with more knowledge from insights will be working on creating one for quoting.
We have CRM.

That’s about all I can think of.


Hi Brandon!

Mi name is Alejandro Cortes and I live in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. The company I work for is called Walbar and we machine blades and blade segments for fuel Turbine, we are an Aerospace industry.

I am an industrial engineer according to my University Degree, but as yourself I have many hats since I like a lot of things (I particularly enjoy electornics, IoT devices, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Particle and such). At this company my position is ERP Systems Analyst

We are on 10.2.200 and we are a Multi-tenant SaaS

My level of expertise would be intermediate. I know BAQ, SSRS, and also I was planner/buyer for 5 years so I know pretty much allthe modules from an operational standpoint. I recently started working with RESTful services with Javascript and more recent OData and Excel.


Hey All. My name is Aaron Willett. Yes–I accept the Key and Peele pronunciation of A-A-Ron, but regular old Aaron works just the same.
I hail from a small town near Lake Geneva, WI, but I work all the way in Milwaukee, WI.
The company I work for is called Elkay Interior Systems and we make front-of-service-counter dining room products for restaurants such as McDonald’s, iHop, and Burger King as well as school cafeterias and retail showroom fixtures. Soon, we’ll be expanding into the hospitality field doing certain aspects of hotel lobbies. Our parent company, Elkay, manufactures water fountains and bottle fillers, as well as various commercial and residential plumbing fixtures and cabinetry.
My official title is Senior ERP Developer, but I handle all facets of the Epicor system including tech support, customization, process improvements, and server administration.
We’re currently running 10.1.500 with 10.2.200 on deck for July/August.
I would consider my level to be on the advanced side unless you stack me up against someone like @josecgomez. Then, I’m just a newbie.
Some external work interests include rock climbing, sport shooting, weight lifting, and OCRs.


Josh Owings

Greenville, SC – Epicor versions live in Singapore, France, NashvilleTN, and GreenvilleSC.

JR Automation – Custom automated equipment

ERP Applications Manager

Singapore – (9.05.702a),France,Nashville,Greenville(10.1.400.30)

I will put advanced as my level. – Have experience from the technical and operations side.

Been working with Epicor products for 18 years. Started at Vantage 4.0

Really like this community! Was great meeting a few of you at the meetup on Monday evening.

  1. Calvin Krusen
  2. South Eastern Pennsylvania
  3. MATCOR Cathodic Protection systems
  4. Maintain E10 - Customizations, Configurator design, BPMs, DDs, Reports, Dashboards, etc …
    4b. Doing forensic work to determine “what went wrong”
    4c. Re-educating users on what they did wrong that required me doing 4b
  5. 10.1.400.23 - multi site, configurator, AvaTax, Adv Print Routing
  6. I know enough to be really dangerous
  7. Actually an Electrical Engineer, and self taught Software Enginneer. I prefer programming embedded systems over applications or DB systems. Started on Vista 4 (FoxPro DB). Migrated to Vista 8, then did a fresh install of E10.1, porting select info via DMT

Edit: Added 4b and 4c

  1. Kevin Albee
  2. I live near the center of Michigan.
  3. I work for a company called Structural Concepts. We focus on creating temperature controlled and refrigerated display cases for the food service industry.
    5.Epicor 9.05.702A
  4. I’d say I’m somewhere around intermediate to advanced. A lot of the work I do in Epicor revolves around creating reports/dashboard, customizations, BPM’s, and helping employees understand how various modules work.
  5. Some other interests of mine include audio/video editing and looking at various sources to find new interesting music to listen to.

In addition to the version you’re using, it might help to include any particular modules and/or 3rd party add ons. Like:

  • Advanced Modules (Inventory, Material Mngmnt, Purchasing, Production, Printing, etc…)
  • CRM
  • Payroll
  • Field Service
  • Configurator
  • TaxConnect
  • Service Connect
  • Data Migration Tools
  • etc …

My name is Rick Stannard. I live in Colchester, CT and work for a company called Davis-Standard in Pawcatuck, CT. We make machinery for the plastic and rubber industries, as well as wire and cable. Our products are heavily engineered to order, but not 100%. We use all of the typical ERP modules, as well as PLM, Multicompany, Field Service and Payroll.

I was a planner and master scheduler and an inside sales person before I got the Epicor gig, I guess because I knew the business processes. In my role now, I am kind of the “Shell Answer Man” for Epicor problems, most of which involve a little training and convincing users that they won’t break something if they just try! I have learned BAQ’s and dashboards but the more complicated BPM’s and reporting is left to someone much smarter than me.

We started with Vantage 8.03.400 and are now on 10.1.600.8. In my spare time I play the guitar in a couple of bands on weekends.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Daniel Curran. I’m living in San Antonio, Texas. I work for Friedrich Air Conditioning where we manufacture single room, lodging, and ductless air conditioning units. I was hired on to be a Junior Developer here but I’ve spilled over into all kinds of rolls within IT.
We’re currently running Epicor 10.1.600.
I’ve got less than 6 months of Epicor experience but I’m learning so much every day its been fascinating. I started learning customizations, got into BAQs after that, and now I’ll be dabbling with BPMs as I took the intro, advanced, and extreme BPM courses at the extended trainings. During the courses I saw all sorts of areas that could be helped within our company with my new BPM knowledge. My mind was blown with the ease of the Epicor Rest Services API so I’ll be focusing on that here in the company as well. I’m excited to start using everything I learned over the past week.
I play drums and nerd out about space in my free time.
It was very nice to meet some of you guys this weekend.


Tim Shoemaker
Geographic location
San Clemente, California, USA
Company you work for and what they do
trick question: Epicor Software Corporation - They make and implement software solutions

What you do at your company
Senior Principal Consultant (I Implement what we sell)

  1. Specialty: Manufacturing, Anything Operations (Sales, Purchasing, MFG, Inventory, shipping, etc),
  2. Technical (BAQ, Updatable BAQ, BPMs, Dashboards, Minor Customizations)

What version of Epicor you are on (put that in your profile too, it helps!)
Whatever version my customer is on… started with V8, V8.03, E9, E10, E10.1… currently working in E10.1
What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
Ummm… another trick question? I am very technical, but mainly in the areas mentioned above. I stay away from Report writing, but I can do amazing things with an all widget BPM (trying to follow all the rules).

Anything else you might think is interesting.

  1. Married, 2 kids, 2 grandsons + 1 grandkid on the way - Native Californian - 11th generation American
  2. Hobbies: Fish, camp, woodworking, singing, photography
  3. Trivia: I sang the National Anthem for the Los Angeles Lakers with my Quartet 4-5 times (Forgot how many) (Video from 2007: )
  4. I love manufacturing
  5. I love problem solving
  6. In my prior career, I single-handedly designed and wrote an entire custom ERP Package, including MRP that was used for 16 years before being replaced by Epicor Software (because of Y2K). Who would have thought in 1983 that my software would still be in use.

Simon Hall

Geographic location
Melbourne Australia

Company you work for and what they do
Tilling Timber - Import/Manufacture/Wholesale Structural and Architectural Timbers including Laminated Veneered Lumber, Glue Laminated product and Timber Joists.

What you do at your company
ERP Administrator/DBA/IT Support

Anything to do with Epicor ERP, including, Epicor Service Connect, Dashboards, Customisations, BPMs, TSQL, views/stored procs etc. except Configurator :slight_smile: (I’ll leave that to @timshuwy) Learning a lot more about Manufacture and relearning Distribution since not touching it since Platinum SQL 4.2 along with Phocas, and of course all things E10 that are not E9. Not really an expert at anything, but know enough to be dangerous.

Epicor Version

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
Been working with Epicor products most of the time since 1998 including Epicor eFontOffice, Epicor Enterprise, Invisic/eProject, ITSM. and Epicor 9 (SQL 64bit NonUnicode)

Anything else you might think is interesting.
More of a Jack of all trades than a specialist.
Have build some interesting integrations most recently one to integrate Epicor ITSM with E9 and Jira Work logs to Epicor 9. Would I do them the same way if I had my time over…probably not.


Andrew Murdock

Geographic location

Company you work for and what they do
Denali Inc, and its subsidiaries.
We manufacture large industrial FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastics) storage tanks and pipe, or anything else you wanted built out of FRP

What you do at your company
Business Systems Development / Epicor Admin

Developed a Web UI for Epicor with things like drag-and-drop shipment scheduling, production planing using a UD table, and lots of things to make it a more user-friendly experience.

BPMs, BAQ, SSRS, Bartender

Epicor Version
10.0.700.4 but moving to 10.2 soon!

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
Not an Expert, but advanced enough to be successful and dangerous.

Anything else you might think is interesting.
Skiing, Hiking, Biking, anything they gets me away from a screen at the end of the day :slight_smile:

  • Name: Rick Bird
  • Geographic location: Northwest Ohio
  • Company you work for and what they do: Aligned Solutions Consulting, Independent Epicor Consultant
  • What you do at your company: Everything (Owner)
  • What version of Epicor you are on (put that in your profile too, it helps!): None, but my clients are on 9.05, 10.0, 10.1 and soon 10.2
  • What technical level you are with regards to Epicor: Jack of all trades, master of none. Been working with Epicor for about 10 yrs, starting with Vantage 8.03, proficient in most modules Quote to Cash and I love to learn different ways to use Epicor. Technically picking up new stuff all the time.
  • Anything else you might think is interesting: This could be a book, so I will abstain.

Norman Hutchins

Geographic location

Company you work for and what they do
Howell Laboratories, Inc. which designs and manufactures air and fluid processing & testing equipment for the US Navy & Coast Guard; such as Air Dehydrators, Chlorinators, Mixed-Oxidant Electrolytic Disinfectant Generators, etc…
Shively Labs, a division of Howell which designs and manufactures FM broadcasting antennas, filters, combiners, etc… for radio station across the globe.

Both divisions have been around for over 50 years, and as of 2014, we are a 100% employee-owned ESOP!

What you do at your company
Director of IT

Jack of all trades master of none? As a solo act, I know most areas of the software, including; the standard modules and Payroll, MRP, Scheduling, Configurator, DMT, BPMs, BAQ, SSRS, etc…

Epicor Version
10.1.400.23 but moving to 10.2.200.x soon!

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
I’m no expert. However, I have been working if the software since Vantage 8.0, so I’ve gained a ton of knowledge, which I’m happy to share with anyone willing to listen! :wink:

Anything else you might think is interesting.
Next March marks my 20th year at Howell!

When I’m not in front of a computer, I enjoy cycling, hiking, snowboarding, yoga, Community Theater, and spending time with friends & family.


Mike Gross

Geographic location
Winchester, VA (the beautiful Shenandoah Valley!) but we operate 6 locations in the UK, Netherlands and USA.

Company you work for and what they do
Ashworth Bros. Inc - we make conveyor belts (Smaller than Brandon’s company). Think about Pop Tarts, frozen pizzas, Ritz Crackers… Fully Custom metal and plastic conveyor belts.

What you do at your company
IT Manager/ERP Admin - pretty much anything that happens. I’ve got three great people working with me also working on various aspects like BI, Configurator, EDA, etc.

What version of Epicor you are on (put that in your profile too, it helps!)
Currently 10.1.500.17 - going to as soon as possible
I started with Epicor in 1999 on BackOffice 7.2, went to 9.05.xx and then 10.x

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
I’m pretty good at a lot of things, but master of none. Still a bit weak on the C# code and haven’t touched ESC for years but I have done 3 implementations.

Anything else you might think is interesting.
Married for almost 30 years, 3 kids…
Involved with Boy Scouts for 17 years - too many roles to list
Woodworking, hiking, hunting, metalwork, tinkering with just about anything…
And my wife and I run a small crafty business - home décor, custom gifts, etc.


Aaron Moreng

Geographic location
Denver, Colorado

Company you work for and what they do
JRF Ortho. We are a small specialized sports medicine company serving our physicians and reps in the joint repair biologics space (live human cartilage, meniscus, and tendons). We are partnered with two tissue processing companies and with Arthrex (medical device manufacturer). Our processing partners provide the tissue, Arthrex provides the instrumentation and rep support in the operating room, and we provide donor/recipient graft matching and shipment coordination.

What you do at your company
IT Manager with a side of software development and business analyst.

What version of Epicor you are on (put that in your profile too, it helps!)

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
I think I’m pretty decent, until I come here and get to interface with actual pros :sweat_smile:
I do all things C#, BPM, BAQ, and SQL.

Anything else you might think is interesting.
My education was in biological science and kind of fell into a more technical role with the company when we did our first round of Epicor implementation 5 years ago. I am mostly self taught with all things IT and have had some great mentors along the way, as many others here have.


Ernie Lowell

Geographic location
Otis, Massachusetts (the Beautiful Bountiful Berkshire Hills)

Company you work for and what they do
SixS Partners… okay, be jealous… I work with Jose!

What you do at your company
Operations Consultant… I listen to customers and then beg Jose to write incredible solutions. He has yet to even break a sweat.

What version of Epicor you are on (put that in your profile too, it helps!)
Currently I have customers on 8.03, 9.05, 10.1.500, 10.1.600, and 10.2

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
I learn a LOT more here than I contribute… but I’m working on that.

Anything else you might think is interesting.
Once upon a time my wife asked me how I was feeling, and I said, “I am operating within established parameters”… and she didn’t even know the reference! Then she named her studio “The Pit Of Despair” and I had to ask what THAT meant. All’s fair.


Chris Conn

Nashville, TN

SixS Partners (be jealous, I work with Ernie… and Jose too)

Development Consultant working on advanced customizations and interfacing anything that moves

Whatever the customer throws at me.

Fun facts
I’m well-traveled and cultured but still manage to find a way to be country as hell. And apparently, like Ernie, I’m a Star Trek TNG nerd. 80% of my Epicor knowledge came from this very forum and it’s gang of misfits <3


Haso Keric

Geographic location
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Company you work for and what they do
Spartan Motors / Utilimaster - emergency vehicles, fire trucks, utility vehicles. Publicly Traded which means a more complex ERP System with SOX Controls, Multi-Company 7-14.

What you do at your company
Applications Architect / Backup ERP Administrator / Sometimes Infrastructure

What version of Epicor are you on (put that in your profile too, it helps!)
Proficient in E9 and E10. Currently at 10.1.500.31 and 10.2.200.x

What technical level you are with regards to Epicor.
Advanced Customizations, Advanced BPMs, Thinking Outside the Box, Awesomesauce in BarTender. Migration from E9 to E10 no problem.

Anything else you might think is interesting.
I don’t work with Jose. I like Subway. In addition to English, fluent in German and Bosnian. Spent years in Web Development before Software (PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend) picked up Photoshop, Illustrator. Before C# did work in C++ mainly Qt Framework, wxWidgets and before that C/MFC Win32 API writing mainly DLLs and Drivers - still remember all the Charles Petzold Books. Did about 130 EDI Connections with Carriers (still no grey hair). I still prefer Crystal over SSRS. Most of you will recognize me from EUG.

GitHub: [ ]


We’lk fix that one day :wink: