Job Scheduling

What is the best tool to use for re-scheduling several jobs? I’ve looked at most of the tools in Job General Operations and find them rather useless. I want to schedule several jobs according to the MRP run. Is there any other way to schedule jobs with out going into Job Entry for each one?

Well you could try the Scheduling tool in EPICOR.

You would need to frist run

Calculate Global Schedule Order

that would basically assign a priority based on the Scheduling priority field that we see in Job Header

You can change priorities to move up the job, but even after the scheduling order is set you can adjust it with
Adjust Global Scheduling Order

Once you are ready you can run

Global Scheduling

Although this is for everything.

You might want to check if there is a way to add filters to it. Or lock the ones you don’t want to move.

Hope this helps

You can build quick searches to bring in groups of jobs if needed.


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We have been able to use DMT for this. Open DMT, go to Production/Schedule Job and create an input document with Company, JobNum, and EndDate as the column headings. Before clicking the Process button, select Add New. DMT will backwards reschedule these Jobs to the date you put in the EndDate field.

Global Scheduling was too difficult for us to use with 2500+ active Jobs.

Rick Stannard

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How about the Job Scheduling Board… you can see a bunch of jobs at once, and drag them around to meet your needs.

Tim - that is exactly how I do it. The Job Scheduling Board in conjunction with Resource Schedule Board allows me to locate openings in bottleneck resources to create the best possible schedule.